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Get global mobile 4G/5G Internet access and burner phone numbers instantly and privately on any modern eSIM-compatible smartphone.

  • Pay as you go international roaming in 200+ countries
  • Worldwide coverage at low prices

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DATA.PLUS and IDENTITY/NO NUMBER plans use different providers

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in Outbound calls and text are not allowed to prevent spam and abuse

*  IDENTITY plans include one year of lease of associated phone numbers. You can check the lease expiration date on your order page. Click/tap on Renew to extend the lease.

If the lease expires, the number will be listed for disconnection and reuse but the eSIM will continue to operate as a No Number (data only) plan.

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Zero KYC policy, no data required, not even an email address.

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Select your plan and pay to Bitcoin or Lightning invoice. Save on fees and protect your privacy with Lightning

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Once invoice is paid, you will be redirected to your personal order page, where you can find your eSIM QR-code and manual settings

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Scan the QR code on your phone and add the eSIM plan

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We are adding a reasonable transaction fee to Bitcoin invoices to be able to collect the funds later without substantial financial loss. Due to the nature of Bitcoin network we have to pay a transaction fee to collect every payment we receive. By "reasonable" we mean a transaction fee that targets 6 blocks (1 hour). We cannot use a minimal day fee here because every minimal day value can be the last time it appears in history.